Use of Stock Music

Stock music also referred to as production music is the music that is used for film, radio and television production as a theme or background for the content created. This type of music is more convenient for production houses as one does not need to pay outrageous amounts for a piece of music and the music can also be downloaded from online. When choosing the type of music you want to use in your production, there are various factors one needs to put in mind.

One of the factors you need to consider is whether or not the stock music is royalty free. It is important to note that stock music sites is not necessarily royalty free music. Stock music is the easiest way to get music that has already been licensed while royalty free music means you get music at a flat rate and will not have to pay more money in case your film is played on saying cable TV after a few yes since its premiere. Slotting this in mind will help you decide whether or not to get royalty free stock music or not. You may pay slightly more at the beginning when getting the music at the beginning if it is royalty free but it saves you the trouble of having to pay fees every time your show is aired in a different media station.

The other consideration is the copyright laws. When using a favorite song, it is essential to obtain legal permission before including it in your video. This will help avoid getting your video pulled down from social media platforms in case you are using the music for your vlogs. The best option is to buy stock music. This is usually licensed and will cost less than if you were to use copyrighted music.

The genre of the film will also determine the choice of music you pick. Stock film libraries have a collection of various music genres so it is advisable to choose music that will apply to whatever content you are posting. Getting relevant music to your content will go a long way in enhancing your production.

Stock music is mostly used as background to dialog in a video or radio show. It is, therefore, necessary to pick music that has no vocals. Instrumentals work well as they do not interfere with whatever dialog is happening on screen. The primary purpose of background music is to evoke music without the viewers noticing it is even there. A melody or rhythm does this effortlessly.  View here for more

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